Children of the Day

Nowadays, every Internet connection is not only at home, but also at work. School students work on computers with network access. Children have internet in the mobile. Phones are not enough to charge as they give them. Only the view of schoolchildren who have the fastest mobiles of the most modern time is a bit shocking, but it's their fun. We have to take it as it really is. All those tablets with the Internet, kids are just without it. They don't know any more fun than having a cellphone or tablet in one piece. Sitting at a computer or laptop became the most entertaining game. No one would get them out, perhaps even if they encouraged them.
At home, at work, at school
Wherever and whenever we can listen to the radio online. If the children are not angry, they are basically worthy, so why not let them have fun with what is most fun for them. It's a lot of music while learning. They feel like they're not just shaging into school, but they're making a more pleasant atmosphere. Learning is so much fun, so let's take it.

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