S R.O.

The first step towards it is to realize that this concept cannot be confused in any way with the emergence of society.
The trading company is a founding social contract signed by all the founders at the general meeting, which is the konasis of the presence of a notary.

For the social contract drawn up for the founding of the Statute, the Law establishes the form of a notarial deed. If the tax company will have only one companion (a physical person or a lawyer), this document is called the founding charter.


Physicsthe legal entity must have a commercial permission for the business, if he does not want to be in the establishment of the company in violation of the law. The reporting of trades is carried out by the Rightperson at the appropriate trade office. Method of incorporation for the founding of the community contract or the founding of the memorandum. Most often, it is called a bank account, whichthe new name of the manager of deposits.

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