Why Homeowners Are Installing Vintage Tubs During Remodeling Projects

The phrase “everything old is new again” is especially appropriate when it comes to modern bathroom remodeling trends. Homeowners and decorators have rediscovered the benefits of elegant Vintage Tubs. While some homeowners spend months searching for genuine, pre-owned bathtubs, most order modern replicas of models that were all the rage in the homes of wealthy 19th-Century Americans. For many years, built-in practical tubs were homeowners’ first choice, but there is a renewed interest in the lovely old bathtubs. They add beauty to rooms, are simple to install, and have long lifespans.

Clawfoot Designs Are Beautiful

The lines of freestanding, clawfoot bathtubs are more graceful than the utilitarian tubs included in modern homes. Many homeowners who are remodeling classic older houses remove the “upgraded” standard tubs and revert to replica versions of the original models. Suppliers offer a range of styles, so there is something for every taste. Manufacturers design styles with sleek lines that fit well with either contemporary or historic decorating themes.

Tubs Are Easy to Install

Clawfoot tubs are freestanding, making it easy to fit them into awkwardly shaped spaces. They are also sold in a range of lengths, so some models are ideal for smaller bathrooms. Installation is a snap compared to built-in tubs. There is no need to disturb a wall or caulk around the edges. Installation is as simple as putting the tub in the desired location and hooking up the plumbing. Suppliers offer a variety of plumbing packages. Clients can choose wall-mounted or freestanding faucets and opt to include shower fixtures. Metal styles are best added to downstairs bathrooms because they may be too heavy for upstairs flooring. Acrylic models are light enough for any area.

Vintage Bathtubs Are Durable

While modern versions of clawfoot tubs aren’t made of the original materials, they still last a long time. Manufacturers offer beautiful metal styles, but acrylic versions are most popular because they are lightweight and less expensive. Acrylic bathtubs also hold up very well and can last for decades.

The original clawfoot tubs that were once found only in the homes of the wealthy are popular again. Modern versions offer the beauty of the originals but are affordable and easy to install. Suppliers offer elegant versions in both metal and acrylic.

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