Žiadna Veľká Maintenance

About Drevoplast sa you do not have to practically vôbec starlet, flax sa occasionally washed with water. The surface is protected by UV-starching and surfaced up to 50 Rokov. Nerobia sa na ňom Triesky, so the IDE about the appropriate material predisposed to the family domom, where Žijú children Alebo home Mazsketikovia. Medzera between terrace Doskami would be minimal 5 mm, between koncom of these foals and Mervin 10 mm namely that at higher temperatures preserved to miernemu Roztiahnutiu material.
A cheap but boring betón
Concrete paving is a decision on the road, Ktorou SA môť the way, compared to worksite with terraces. Obľúbená is a so-called. The interlocking paving, ktorú can be rounded from 200 Sk/m2. A little Pricelie is a storable auction, it costs from 350 Sk/m2. Behold, you can choose from a smooth or embossed surface, the fact that the interlocking tiles are already in the window, and the increase will be embraced on the pavement. And neither Rôzne Odtiene Šedej, Ružovej or green your construction nias not cozy. Moderné is tiež Veľkoformová paving, but it is demanding on treason and kvôli Jinshie cylinder is the gather Viac Ľudí.

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